Whatever Happened to Heather Thomas?

Heather Thomas would definitely qualify as one of the actresses you’ve likely seen once or twice throughout your life but would really have to pinpoint to remember since it would seem that she’s been around, but she’s also been out of the business for a while. To say that she has the look of a movie star and someone that’s seen a few things is fair but it’s also fair to point out that she did manage to take a rather long break in between, kind of disappearing for a while only to come back more than a decade later to a business that had definitely changed and possibly moved on when she wasn’t looking. Thankfully however that wouldn’t be too hard for her to acclimate to since she’s been back since 2014 and has been going steady since, supposedly, considering that her bio states that she’s still active.

She’s done a few things in her life that were great and some that really weren’t, but it’s the sum of one’s experiences that make us who we are most often.

She had a pretty bad cocaine addiction in the 80s.

Back in the 80s cocaine was one of the big drugs of choice when it came to addictions and it was seen quite easily that a lot of stars and those that could afford the habit were quickly caught up in the snow storm of white powder that ran rampant throughout Hollywood at one point. Unfortunately Heather was one of those individuals and during her run in the show The Fall Guy she developed a pretty nasty habit and had to eventually enter rehab. After sobering up she came back to the industry and was doing pretty good for a while as she became a favorite of many by starring in movies and posing for several posters that no doubt adorned the walls of many an adolescent and grown man.

She walked away from acting in 1998.

There’s no really clear reason why she walked away other than the idea that her career could have been on a downward slope, but before this happened she was involved in a car accident that seriously damaged both of her legs and could have been one reason why her career started going down the wrong path. That’s more of a guess than a certainty but in truth there are a number of reasons why actors tend to walk away and a lot of it has to do with many factors that kind of hover around the idea that their career is going nowhere and that they can’t find a way to revive it so that they can reach the top, or least the same level that they were at when things started going wrong. Heather walked away in 1998 and wouldn’t make her return until 2014 when she signed on for the movie Girltrash: All Night Long. Oddly though she hasn’t been seen in movies or TV since this film despite still being labeled as active. One might think that she’s been biding her time and trying to find a way back but so far that link has yet to be made.

She became an activist.

Despite not being seen much she’s been active enough behind the scenes and away from Hollywood by becoming a part of such groups as the Rape Foundation and the Amazon Conservatory board. One can imagine that groups like the Rape Foundation have been trying to cover a great deal of ground since 2017 and the Weinstein scandal now that everything in Hollywood has been blown wide open and stars have been outed left and right for their ill behavior. In some ways it was likened to a witch hunt since male celebrities were being accused left and right in 2017, some rightfully so and some not so much as the fervor over what constituted deviant behavior and who was truly guilty reached an all-time high just last year. Heather has also been known to contribute money to political candidates since around 1992 and the total that she’s given is somewhere around $280,000 at this point. She’s donated heavily to Democratic candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken but has also contributed to Republican candidate Mary Bono. It would almost seem that she’s of two minds when it comes to contributing to those that she believes will be the best for their position as the lines that have been drawn between Republics and Democrats has been hard to miss in recent months and years.

When you really think it over Heather Thomas is one of the minor celebrities of the current era that had a chance to be someone big in her own time back in the 80s but somehow fell into the trap that took so many good people during that time. She’s made something of a comeback in the last decade but it remains to be seen just how, or if, she’ll manage to stick around.

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