Whatever Happened to Maitland Ward?

Some people might be looking at this and wondering just who Maitland Ward even was, but then there are those who were fans of Boy Meets World that will at least remember seeing her show up occasionally until her exit from the show. Maitland didn’t last for all that long in show business it seems as she started as a junior in high school and virtually disappeared after 2007. Well, maybe ‘disappeared’ isn’t the right word, but she hasn’t been in on the TV and movie scene for a while at least and for those that were or are still fans it’s enough to know that she was, during her run, seen as something of a sex symbol in a few of the productions she did, and rightfully so in some regards.

She is a beautiful woman and does have a nice form, but in a show like Boy Meets World, which was watched by children and adolescents mostly, she became something of a controversial character in that she was looked at in a certain way and was very aware of what kind of reaction her looks gained her. Of course with the show being something that was supposed to be a lot more wholesome than others there were those that had an issue with this. Still, she was kept on until 2000 when the series was finally over.

Boy Meets World was one of her more regular appearances.

Despite the fact that this clip was all about proving a point it was very obvious that she kind of outshone her female costars in a way and was a big focal point whenever she was on the same set. Maitland’s effect on the two male leads in the show was rather profound but it was also quite comical since it was proven early on that she wasn’t a red-haired bimbo but a very down to earth individual that was quite intelligent and didn’t care to put up with the shenanigans that the two young men could produce so easily. In other words it was a sitcom where the guys acted like goofballs and the women for some reason put up with it on a constant basis. You know, the kind that people tend to enjoy.

She appeared in a few independent films after Boy Meets World.

After her stint on the show she kept acting and managed to rub shoulders with a few very influential actors as well as some that are great but not as well-regarded by critics. She made her way into the independent movie scene for a while and did a couple of guest star roles on TV. Maitland didn’t exactly have the most stellar career it would seem since she bowed out not long after the show that made her famous was over. But she did go onto something else that’s fairly interesting.

She’s been a cosplayer for a while now.

Maitland’s first ever cosplay role was as Princess Leia and she’s been hooked on it since. She’s shown up to various Comic Con events in different outfits, some of which have left her totally nude save for body paint. While it’s an interesting look you can imagine that a few people raised their eyebrows at her choice of display, and possibly a few officials might have let her know about the various rules that have been made at Comic Cons concerning what’s acceptable. You won’t be likely to find too many men complaining about this however since she has kept herself in good shape throughout the years and has been seen as a something of a celebrity at such events. She’s even taken to being pictured nude and with bodypaint in what has been called Living Art.

It’s easy to say that Maitland was one of those folks in the industry that kind of came and went since in truth she didn’t really last all that long. But what she did while she was there made her memorable enough that a lot of people would easily recognize her. In fact if one really looks at it there are many individuals that have come and gone in the TV and film industries that have left a mark but have for some reason bowed out or been forgotten over the years. Their mark on Hollywood isn’t totally gone so long as they’ve done something of note, but a few of them like Maitland are still remembered more than others since they did do something worthy of note. It could even happen that she’ll make her return one of these days as she’s been studying writing and screenwriting at New York University. So it might be that we’ll hear her name again in the future, or it might be that her time in the spotlight was just the way she wanted it, brief enough that she could make herself known before moving on.

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