Whatever Happened To Fitness Guru Denise Austin?

Denise Austin

If you are into workout and fitness, then the name Denise Austin rings a bell. The self-proclaimed fitness guru has been showcasing impressive feats when working out that she made it to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. As a fitness enthusiast, she has been active since 1980 and continues to display her prowess on the workout podium. There was a time when she used to grace our screens courtesy of her workout DVDs, the last, Yoga Booty Lift, released in 2014. The bugging question is where she disappeared as she has been on the down-low in the past few years.

Denise Austin’s Background

Denise was born on February 13th, 1957, which makes her 62 presently. Despite the old age, she wows her followers with her youthful looks, which she attributes to her strict exercising regime. She has always been a fan of fitness, with her beginnings going back to when she was 12 and starting in gymnastics. Her gymnastic forays led to an athletic scholarship, sponsoring her to the University of Arizona. She later transferred to California State University, where she graduated with a major in physical education. Her family is sports inclined with her husband Jeff Austin, being a standout tennis player. Her last born daughter, Katie Austin, followed her path in gymnastics and fitness and has her own YouTube channel where she shares her workout protocols.

Her Ventures

To answer the question of where she has been in the past few years, we look at the ventures she takes part in. She is quite a busy person, and that can be one of the key reasons as to why she is on the down-low. Below are some of the known ventures that Denise Austin tries her hands at.

1. Work Out Consultancy And Advice

As she is so proficient and knowledgeable in fitness to get the right physique, she is a perfect person to consult on such matters. She offers advice on several blogs and columns. Among the advice pieces she offers are evident on AOL. She talks on various topics, such as proper fitness regimens, depending on age, among other factors. She also touches on healthy living tips focusing on diet and exercising routines.

2. Crafting Work Out Programs

Banking on her experience in the fitness industry, she helps in coming up with fitness programs, aimed at achieving a healthy physique. Such programs are helpful to many who want to achieve a healthy-looking body. An example is the 10-week program evident on Hollywood life. In this instance, Denise helps you get into your work out mode by introducing you to the gradual week by week schedule. The routine is flexible and gives you a decent time-span to get you into the right shape.

3. Authoring Duties

Aside from training and offering healthy living advice, Mrs. Austin also takes her time to write books. Yes, you guessed it right; the main topic is about physical aptness. Among the books include Side Effect Skinny, Denise’s Daily Dozen, and Get Energy. You can view the books on her website. You can also get them on Amazon. Using her written work, she delves deeper into exercising to get you fit. She also touches on other aspects such as grooming for an all-round decent look.

4. YouTube Workouts

As earlier indicated, Denise used to showcase her exercising moves, which she shared by DVDs. However, there have been no DVD releases on her working out ever since 2014. It seems she found a new and reliable outlet to show her moves, enter YouTube. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads her various exercising moves. The channel boasts over 30000 subscribers and viewership numbers of over 300k. Using this platform is convenient as she reaches a colossal viewer-base to get much-needed exposure. The move to the video social site is working for her, and her consistency is paying off.

5. Sale Of Fitness Material

From her official website, there is a shop section. Under the section, there are items on sale such as the Stop the Clock Fitness plan and Stop the Clock Nutrition plan. The fitness plan focuses on ladies over 40 who want to get fit by losing some weight. It also offers an in-depth insight into lifestyle, health, and other useful tips for excellent health as you age. The nutrition plan focuses on dietary habits and plans to bank on for an energized body and mind. The plan borrows heavily from Denise’s nutritional habits. She keeps it all-natural and never misses a meal. Another fitness material is the 10-week plan, which comes in DVD format. As earlier hinted, it guides you on a flexible workout schedule.

Final Thoughts

Denise Austin is a respectable figure in the world of fitness and physical aptness. Her youthful looks are evidence of proper care that she employs to remain fit. Of late, she has been low key, bringing lots of speculations on her whereabouts. She seems to be doing fine, looking at all the venture she takes part in. You can keep up with her training session courtesy of her social media pages, such as YouTube and Instagram. Also, check out her site for various workout tidbits or to purchase some of her products. Take a page from her book to employ flexibility and natural nutrients in maintaining a fit physique.

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