Whatever Happened to Greg Evigan?

One thing that Greg Evigan isn’t, is irrelevant, since he’s been around for a while and has done a few things that have managed to get him noticed by a lot of people including an acting and music career. If you don’t know of him it could be due more to the fact that he’s been in movies and shows that you just don’t watch, but that hasn’t lessened his popularity among fans any since he’s been front and center for a good long while when it comes to certain movies and TV shows that a lot of people are into. His career has taken his name around the world a couple of times and if you remember B.J. and the Bear or My Two Dads  then you were one of the many that was watching Greg back in the day and might remember him now that your memory has been jogged. He’s kept his reputation and his career going through the years and is currently still working.

It’s amusing sometimes and kind of interesting to see what memories get unearthed when we come up with various names that have something to do with our past whether it was major or minor in nature but My Two Dads was a different show for its time and while it had nothing to do with the kind of subject material that some might think of today it was still subjected to a bit of ridicule at the time. The whole premise of the show was that two men had fought over the same woman for a while years before and upon her death she awarded joint custody of her daughter to both men since she didn’t know who the father was. A simple paternity test would have been the reality that most people would have faced when coming up against such an obstacle but in true sitcom fashion Paul Reiser, Greg, and Staci Keanan were presented as a trio that had a few good laughs. When it came down to finding out who her real dad was though the show ended on a note that frustrated a lot of people but satisfied others since it was never revealed on the show just who her father was, as she was happy having both of them in her life. In a way this was perhaps one of his best performances since he had to play the part of a struggling artist to the successful role that Reiser played and was the carefree individual that wasn’t always seen as the most responsible.

You could say that he’s done well for himself over the years since he does have a net worth of around $1 million, which isn’t shabby even if it isn’t top of the heap as others would be considered. It’s funny really how some actors rise and become known for the most minor roles that lead to big things and other stick around and make a career out of movies and TV appearances that are every bit as popular but don’t get nearly as much attention. It’s definitely interesting to notice the social stratification of Hollywood considering that Paul Reiser and a few other people that Greg has worked with throughout his career have gone on to bigger and better things while he’s stayed popular but still has a rather middling career by comparison. It could be that this is where he’s comfortable or it could be that something has kept him at this level for so long but it’s obviously done well by him and he’s remained fairly happy with his work for a long time now. Some folks don’t really need to step into the spotlight all that often and can be every bit as successful as those that rise to the top only to crash and burn a short while later. It would be kind of intriguing to learn just how certain people in show business look at their careers and what the might have done differently or whether or not they’re happy where they are with few if any real regrets. At this time it does feel as though Greg might be one of those that could say that he’s had a good time of it and likely has a few regrets but nothing too serious that he might have done all that different in the past.

When it comes to stars that made their way up decades ago there are a lot of people that don’t get noticed nearly as much as those that are still easy to spot and easy to pay attention to. There’s plenty of information out there on Greg, it just needs to be looked up for people to realize that he’s someone with a lot of talent and a lot of time yet to share with the fans.

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