Whatever Happened to Kay Lenz?

So many actors come and go that’s hard to keep track of them all, but then you see how much some of them have done and it’s easy to not understand just how said individuals like Kay Lenz are so easily forgotten. It’s a generational thing in some cases since if a person gets famous in their own era it becomes a great memory for those that were growing up in that era or were already old enough to remember it. People that live in this current time period and those that were growing up when she was already on the downward slope from the high point of her career might not recognize her unless they’re into older shows and movies that feature her and other stars when they were really hitting their stride. There’s simply too much out there these days to keep up with and it takes the attention of many a person away from what’s come before. There’s nothing to take away from Kay’s career since it’s been solid for many years, but the truth is that time and the continuing generations of actors have pulled the masses along with them, leaving only those that remember the past to sit and contemplate how great those actors still are.

The world might belong to younger actors but it’s always best to remember just who paved the way for them.

She began her career as a child actress.

In fact she was just a baby when she was first on camera. But she was a teenager when she took the stage again and her career didn’t stop after that. For many years after in fact she was a rising star and eventually a well-known actress that was a continual presence on the big and small screens as she continued to pick up roles and speed with her career. Kay is one of those individuals that seems to have taken just about anything she could get her hands on and ran with it in a way that suggested that she was eager and willing to do almost anything to show that she was capable and that she could outshine just about anyone. Whether it was a matter of ego or just straight confidence however doesn’t really matter since she was there and she was ready to go most times as she managed to make her intentions known and her voice heard.

She was the first choice for the role of Annie in Bull Durham.

Now that this has come to light, well it was there to be read for a while but oh well, it seems like she would have been an interesting choice since between her and Susan Sarandon it’s a very hard choice. Those in charge didn’t think she had the look or the desired traits apparently but it dos seem as though she might have been able to pull off the sex appeal and provide the acting talent had she been given the part. Susan Sarandon did kind of exemplify Annie in the film since her attitude and very nature were kind of what drove the film to be what it was. But giving Kay a shot seems like it might have been interesting at least. All the times when certain actors could have been used for various roles is very interesting since it makes you wonder just what some of those in charge are thinking about when they make their selections. You might think that they can see into the future in a way but in truth a lot of them seem to go by their gut, or did. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes it still seems like they could have made another decision that would have been just as useful, but now we’ll never know.

TV has been her medium of choice throughout the years.

Everyone has their niche that they go to and where they establish their comfort zone, and TV has been Kay’s for quite some time. It’s one of the areas where she seems to have thrived since the number of roles she’s taken on hasn’t really decreased with the passing years. You could honestly say that she’s been very prevalent in movies as well but as it stands TV is where her heart has been for the most part. It seems that there might be a bit more job security with a TV role versus a film career since quite honestly film roles can be taken away in a heartbeat. TV roles can as well, but if a person establishes themselves as a TV star it seems more likely that they’ll have a little more leeway than if they attempt to become a movie star and attempt to feel just as comfortable. In any case Kay has been riding her career for many years now and has been doing just fine where she’s at.

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