Whatever Happened to Mason Reese?

These days it’s hard to know why certain things, people, and, well, anything becomes trendy, but Mason Reese is one of those individuals that really hasn’t done much in his career and yet people have somehow managed to dig him up in an effort to find out just he’s been up to. The only thing that seems to come to mind however is ‘not much’. That’s not meant to be mean but in all honesty this is a kid that was made famous for the commercials he was in and not so much anything else. He’s been in a few other shows and in a few documentaries but never anything that many people would likely remember or go ‘Oh yeah, I remember him!’. The thing about it is that his career, even while he’s managed to extend it this far, has never been what you might call a breakthrough into the big time. Despite sounding elitist it’s pretty true since he does kind of seem like someone that was content to hang on as much as possible in order to cash in on a little bit of fame and possibly get his picture taken now and again.

There’s nothing pathetic about it, there’s nothing grasping or even eye-rolling about Mason Reese when it comes to his desire to be on camera. It’s something that quite honestly seems more curious than anything since he really hasn’t done much and doesn’t seem to be able to break into Hollywood in any huge way. Those that remember him might want to differ and they have the right to their opinion, but without stretching it out any further he’s kind of floated around the industry for a number of years without having done anything really significant.

Here’s one reason he might be remembered at all.

Does anyone remember when kids just had to act in a commercial to think they were star back in the day? That was big news after all, being on TV for something, anything, no matter how bad the acting was. After all it was usually for a product that we used anyway or might have thought about using after the commercial was over. But in truth the acting in these was absolutely horrible since few if any kids really ever talk like this and getting a sheet of stickers in a box of cereal might sound great on TV but when you get them in real life the magic is somehow dimmed way down. This wasn’t the only commercial he did, but the others were delivered with what can only be called a well-read and scripted act that could easily be dubbed as impressive since when you think about how many kids probably audition for these commercials the odds are never in their favor of actually getting it unless they’re that good at what they do.

The only issue here is that this is really one of his biggest claims to fame since as an adolescent and an adult he didn’t do much else. He hasn’t gone on to be a huge megastar, in fact he hasn’t even gone on to be even a middling star that could possibly ascend to the next rank. He hit his stride in TV commercials as a kid and kind of stayed there in terms of popularity. To think that he’s called a child star at this point isn’t totally erroneous, but then if the criteria is doing commercials then there are legions of people that could be called child stars simply by having spent a couple of seconds on TV with no lines and possibly nothing to really do except look at the camera and act natural.

Again, there’s no issue with this, it’s simply a curiosity as to why he seems to be trending at the moment since he hasn’t done a whole lot in his career and the only real reason he’s even in the news or on YouTube at all is because he’s been posting his old clips all over the internet. Yes, that’s right, HE’S been spreading his influence all over the internet in what might be called a grasping maneuver to gain some of the fame that he never really had to begin with. If that’s the case then my previous words would be untrue, that he’s not grasping, or even vainglorious. But then again some folks do manage to get a little out of hand when they get a bit of fame and don’t want it to end. Without calling him out as an attention-seeker however it does seem to indicate that he never wanted what little fame he had to fade away, despite the fact that it kind of did that the moment he was off screen and people started to forget about him. A person’s got to put in the work however to be famous, and you could at least say that he’s doing that as of now. He’s trying at least.

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