Whatever Happened to Melissa Sue Anderson?

If you’re from any of the generations that were growing up before the 90s hit then you might very well look at Melissa Sue Anderson and think of Little House on the Prairie since the show was the one that made her stand out as a star in a big and undeniable way. Anderson obviously went on to act after this and even did a couple of things before her role as Mary but it was this show that helped her to become a star, and it’s kind of hard to think that the tightly-knit group would have any dark secrets, but it’s not too hard to think that someone would spill the proverbial beans if anything did exist. According to Sincad McIntyre of Ice Pop, Melissa wasn’t the only person to write a tell-all book about the show and its cast since a few of them took the time to put down in writing their own experiences and what it was like working with one another for so many years. Surprisingly though Melissa doesn’t always come off as one of the shining lights of the series as she was said to be a bit standoffish and didn’t really mesh with the rest of the cast as much as one might have assumed. This might have been tough to tell during the show, but according to Melissa Gilbert, aka Laura Ingalls, and a few others on the set, Melissa and Melissa would fight like cats and dogs when they were younger and couldn’t stand to be around each other until the cameras were rolling and they had no choice. There’s likely to be a bit of disagreement about this that might come from either woman, but given that it’s been repeated a few times by different sources with very different perspectives there might be some truth to it.

How they get along now is hard to say, but one can easily assume that as adults it might be a lot easier for them to sit with each other and reminisce about old times and possibly even laugh over things that might have appeared to be far more serious back in the day. Much of the cast went on to find further success after the show ended, and in truth a good many of them have been seen in various locations as their careers continued to blossom over the years. As far as Melissa’s goes it’s safe to say that she never really became an A-list celebrity for any extended period of time as she’s been more of a middling talent that was great as a child but cooled off a bit as she grew older. Her net worth is a good indicator of this as she’s not dirt poor by any means but has a comfortable life and a family of her own that has become her world over the years, much as one might hope for in regards to the actress. Seeing as how many child actors tend to experience a good number of problems in life following a climb to fame at such a young age, Melissa has done quite well really. She’s continued to act throughout the years and despite showing up in productions that are more or less the type that a person would have to actively seek out, she’s still been keeping things rolling and has been able to do what she cares about throughout her career. While a lot of child actors are seen to end up quitting or becoming disillusioned with the life that show business tends to offer, some of them end up dialing things back to a more moderate level and thus sink into the general background of actors that are still active and can still be recognized, but are more or less allowed to do their own thing without becoming as big as they used to be. In other words, she’s done her own thing for years now and been doing just fine.

For a while now Melissa has been a stay at home mom more or less, but as it was mentioned above she is still acting, just not in the same capacity or at the same frequency as she did when she was younger. Given that she’s into her late 50s and headed towards 60 it’s easy to see why she might want to just chill and lay back a bit to enjoy the life she’s earned throughout the years. At this time it’s hard to see her making a big comeback even to the small screen, but stranger things have happened in the past, and it could be that we’ll see something from her in the years to come. What that could be is hard to say since she’s come a long way from her Little House on the Prairie days, and it’s not even feasible to expect a reunion show.

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