Whatever Happened to Sybil Danning?

Sybil Danning

There aren’t a whole lot of people that would own up to being a B-movie star with that much pride since despite still being an actor it tends to mean that those who star in such movies are the actors that were once someone and could command top roles but somewhere along the line fell from grace, or were middling to begin with and never went much of anywhere. There are those individuals such as Sybil Danning however that started out in the B-movies and never moved up, and never really had to since they found their niche and stuck with it. It was more or less, well more really, her status as a sex symbol that allowed her to gain a cult following in said B-movies since if you happen to look at her filmography you’ll see that she has an impressive list of titles behind her name and has even won a couple of awards in her time. Thinking that B-movies are inferior is a huge mistake that a lot of people make since too many put a great deal of stock into the A-list movies that feature the elite stars and are given the type of marketing that can lead to a lot of hype but no follow-through. At least with a B movie you know what you’re getting and there’s not a lot of expectation. But there’s certainly a great deal of genuine surprise and pleasure when such movies turn out to be more than a little entertaining.

At the current moment Sybil’s bio indicates that she’s still active in the business, but at the age of 67 she’s not likely to be the sex symbol any longer since as it’s been seen some people can age gracefully and maintain most of their looks into their later years, but Sybil isn’t really one of them, and this is evidenced by taking a look at her movies from years ago as opposed to her performances now. She’s still a very graceful and striking woman, but compared to the looks she possessed decades ago it’s not much of a comparison since age does tend to dull even the hottest of looks as time continues to roll forward. That hasn’t stopped her from being the same actress she’s been for so long however and it’s pleasing to see that she’s stuck with her career throughout the years. She did suffer one setback in 1990 while rehearsing a stunt. Unfortunately she had to bow out of her career for a while due to a spinal disc herniation, which many can attest to is more than enough to put a person out of commission for a while as healing and sometimes therapy is required to get a person back on track and ready to work again.

For a B-movie actress Sybil has definitely earned a good living however since she’s worth upwards of $2 million, a lot more than the average person might think that someone with such a reputation, which has been earned and definitely enjoyed, would have. It’s still a bit hard to imagine that someone would make their way into B-movies and be proud of the fact but upon taking a step back and reminding yourself that it’s a job, albeit one that many people get into because of the money, the glamour, and of course the prestige, one can still say that they’re a professional actor. Honestly though that’s not all there is to her career since she did have a chance to play in a Bond movie at one point, but the part went to another actress instead. Sybil has still managed to work with some of the top names in the industry throughout her career so it’s fair to assume that while she has been a big star in the B-movie industry she’s still been someone that has meant a great deal to those that have witnessed and appreciated her talents throughout the many years she’s been in show business. She even opened her own production company in the late 80s, so it’s easy to think that she had more going for her than just her looks.

Too many people take the time to look down on older actors that have either never been to the top of the mountain or have been on track to find that spot but never quite reached it. Sybil Danning and many other have still done their part in show business and it’s made evident by the fact that we remember them fondly and will continue to talk about them as the years roll by. It doesn’t matter if an actor was considered a bit-player or a megastar, all that matters is that they contributed something that was worth remembering. If nothing else that’s one of the most important things that fans look for when it comes to the movies, an actor worth remembering.

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