Why You Should Check Out New Series “Field Tripping”

Field Tripping

Most of us can still remember our days back in school and how much fun it was to get out of class and go on a field trip. There’s a new series coming out, called “Field Tripping.” The comic book series is delivered in digital form. The timing is perfect as school is back in session for kids all over America. “Field Tripping is Cosmixology’s new launch for the season and here are some reasons why you may want to check it out.

What is it?

James Asmus and Jim Festante were joined by Jose Garcia as writers of the new animated television series. It’s not just about field trips, the series is actually much more. It’s about a mysterious school bus that a flighty teacher uses to take her students on field trips, but these are no ordinary adventures. The bus takes the kids into parallel dimensions where they get stuck because the kids break the machine that has transported them there. The worlds that they are stranded within are strange and although they just want to get back to their own realities, they are unable to return and they must endure the fantasies fraught with danger and some of the most incredible experiences that could possibly be hatched in the mind of a middle school child.

The plot

Field Tripping would probably be better classified in the sci-fi genre. When the kids left they were little, and seven years in the future, those who had survived their ordeal came through as teenagers. The teens act like younger children until they are faced with squaring a vendetta that causes them to act like adults. The worlds that the kids visit are bizarre and filled with life and death events which culminate in all of the things that a person fears in their childhood. The writers bring in elements of life that typically happen in the minds of middle school kids, complete with crushes, prates, ghosts, unicorns, space and more. These are worlds that are filled with terror, anxiety, and possibilities. Ryan Ferrier expertly supplies the letters with Jose Garcia rendering the art. This digital comic is packed with vivid colors and renderings of a variety of detailed environments in the different worlds that the kids are jumped into. Five issues have been completed for the release.

Reasons why you need to check out “Field Tripping

“Field Tripping” was recently released on September 11th, 2019. The Magic Schoolbus has already made its debut and here are just a few reasons why you might want to check it out. If you’re a comic fan, you’ll appreciate the detailed artwork that helps to move the story forward with brilliant imagery. When we made a brief preview, it wasn’t long before we were hooked. “Field Tripping” is a comic that takes us back in time and it jogs our memories, reflecting on what it was like to be a kid in middle school. We’ve all gone through this stage of development and it’s a time when the imagination can run wild. Anything is possible in the world of a child this age. Consider what it would be like to be trapped in a magic school bus that takes you to the places that only exist in your imagination? The only drawback is that you can’t go back to normal for seven long years. It keeps you stuck in a survival mode where you experience some of your richest fantasies along with some of your worst fears.

It has all of the elements required for great entertainment

“Field Tripping” explores the inner workings of our minds and the kids are transported to some places that provide anxiety, adventure and a few thrills thrown in for good measure. It offers action, suspense, and in a strange set of new worlds where the dangers are real, not everyone survives. The teaser lets us know up-front that not every kid that goes out on the bus survives. Although the kids have grown up to become teenagers, they haven’t had the necessary stimulation to act like adults, so this is a skill that they must learn in order to pursue the vendetta. This comic is fully loaded with all of the elements that make for great reading and the illustrations are well-crafted, showing the emotions of the characters which is no easy feat. Comic writers and artists have a more narrow medium to work with that make it vital to include all of the necessary small details to tell the reader what’s happening in a still form. From our preview of “Field Tripping,” we can say that it satisfies all of the requirements necessary to satisfy a true comic enthusiasts preferences.

Packed with life lessons

Miss Frizzle is the overwrought and flighty teacher in charge of the kids as they embark on their journey. She’s a teacher, so she naturally gravitates towards the lessons that can be learned from the adventures that they encounter. There is a ton of story packed into the comic and many life lessons to learn along the way. This is a factor that makes this such a compelling comic.


“Field Tripping” is a new digital comic release that has all of the trappings of solid entertainment and good reading. Sometimes it’s nice to escape into a fantastical world that takes you back in time and reminds you, at least in some way, of childhood. This comic has the potential for doing that through the eyes of the characters. What started out as a well-intentioned and innocent feild trip turns into a nightmare for the kids who are trapped on the bus. They can go anywhere they want but to their home for seven long years. They have a lot of growing up to do in a short period of time when they must begin doing adult things as teenagers. If this sounds familiar, it’s no accident. There are a lot of us who have been “Field Tripping” for years in our own worlds and the comic just points out that there comes a time when we have to turn the corner and grow up.

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