You’ll Never Guess Who the 2nd Largest Buyer of Explosive Devices in the World Is

You should already be able to guess who the first largest buyer of explosive devices in the world is, it’s the US Department of Defense, but can you guess number two? Disney World is the second largest consumer when it comes to explosive devices, ranking right up there with the US government in terms of how much it purchases annually. If that’s a bit confusing take into account the effects they use for their parades and around the park. Obviously they’re not fighting enemy insurgents and aren’t attempting to booby trap the main thruways, but they’re definitely using them to bring a bit of excitement and flair to the park that might otherwise be missing. Face it, those that know about Disney World at this point know that aside from being huge, constantly packed, and insanely expensive also know that it’s about one of the biggest parties in the world when the parades and events get going.

There might be those that find it a little odd that a theme park would be buying up so many explosive devices but like it was mentioned above their purpose is usually pretty sound. Disney World is about a lot of things depending on what you’re talking about, but when it comes to partying they’re all about the dollars and giving people what they paid for. Obviously if they don’t provide one of the biggest shows in the world people will think about not coming back after a while. Things have got to be bold, they’ve got to be loud, and in some cases they’ve got to be explosive to really get the attention of the people.

Let’s put it plainly, if big crowds, lots of noise, and spending lots of money aren’t your thing then Disney World probably isn’t for you. But if you can afford it and enjoy an outstanding experience that’s filled with nonstop noise and crowds of people then it’s an experience that many people only get once in a lifetime. The explosive part of it is usually reserved for parties, celebrations, parades, and whatever other special circumstances come around. It’d be easy to think that at any given time Disney World has those devices stockpiled in a hidden warehouse somewhere that’s kept under lock and key until they’re needed. It’s not much of a stretch to believe really since they are the second biggest buyer of such devices in the world after all. It would stand to reason that they have to put them somewhere when they’re not in use, since it doesn’t seem like it’d be safe to just load them up and leave them there until a parade or something comes along.

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland during a parade or a show then you know that they can get good and loud during their performance. Now magnify that a dozen times or so and then you might get an idea of what it would be like at Disney World. It’s bigger, bolder, and definitely louder.

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